William Hill
21 Blackjack

Players take turns pulling a card from the discard pile or take the open cards that are adjacent to the shock on. If a red three or a player has drawn it in his paper, he must place it immediately on the table. If he does not, he gets 500 points and minus so many cards from the shock must assume that he again has the same number of cards as the beginning. Anyone who has collected a set of identical cards may enter.

A set consists of at least three cards. If a two or a wild card is that you can use any other card on the site, need to get at least two more cards of the same, so that the sentence is "real". A set of black threes may only report a player when he except this set has no more cards in hand. A set of seven or more cards are called "Canasta". He gives most points. After pulling from the shock a player announces his sentence.

This means that he announces the collected cards and then doffing his sentence. Cards can also be applied to their own existing rates or the partner. However, at the not the enemy. If the exposed top card on the shock, a two, a joker or a red three is, the discard pile is blocked by another card is dealt from the deck across the first card face up. The stack can only be unlocked when a player can make a message with at least two of his own cards and the top card.

The aim of canasta is to collect as many sentences. Depending on the value of the cards and the number of collected cards of the same to get a certain score for each sentence. In this case, only count the discarded cards. The game ends when a player has no more cards in his hand or with his last message can store all the cards. The Player must but only if he had a Canasta before. If only one card in the discard pile and is the player who is just off only has one card in hand, the game is also terminated. All cards that keep the players after the end of the game still in hand count as negative points. This also applies to sentences that has not yet taken a player.