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The most common games that you can play in casinos are: blackjack , poker , baccarat , slots , craps ( dice game ) and especially roulette ! All these games have different grave risk, and the higher the risk, the higher is the usual respectively prize if you win. If you play online , you can look into what is required for you to play and learn more about the offers casino has . All serious casino has a good support ( many in Norwegian ) and a " Questions and Answers" section of the website. Here you can get answers to any questions you have regarding game play . In a land based casino can contact the nearest staff in the casino.

There are several criteria you should keep in mind when choosing your casino. You need to think about whether it is important that the casino is in Norwegian with Norwegian customer. What types of games you play, slots, video poker, table games ... What about bonuses and free games? Take a look below where we discuss online casino closer, and how to find your casino.

How long have they been online, and how many members do they have, Brand new casinos online can also be good, so even if a casino has been around for many years, it does not automatically mean they are the best. But often a large and growing membership base is a good sign that many thrive with the casino.

There is a wealth of exciting and fun casino games among good Norwegian online casinos, some downloading and second to play directly in your browser. It may be advantageous to be familiar with the casino before you bet your own money, and then you may want to "sample". Play free casino games with play money to check out if it suits you, the level and the graphics are as good as you want. It can be nytting to try their hand at online slots free to practice. In addition, it may be useful to know which software vendors who brings good platforms, such as that produces the Norwegian Intent slot machines. In addition, it is useful to know jackpot games and learn techniques for table games like Baccarat.