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Casinos are without doubt an advantage. They make games more accessible platform is easier to navigate, we recognize words and phrases even though they belong to the gaming world and not least is the customer service at Norwegian. Customer service in Norwegian is something that casinos are betting on a audience should take into consideration. There are some new casinos which are launched recently, have a look at the list here http://www.lilianalaser.com/

When the communication is poor between the customer and the service provider, the results can be very unpleasant. This applies to all types of businesses. An example outside the gambling industry on such unpleasantness is the tourist industry with travel booking, which you can read about here.

We also expect payment methods and security is top notch, something you find in all online casinos we recommend on our site. More info about payment can be found under each review online casino. Check the payment methods you as a player will be available. Supports the Norwegian bank cards and accounts, Speaking about other players troublesome or delayed payments? This gets you an overview of our reviews.

Obviously, this is not a "must" for all players, but most Norwegians seem enough it gives a sense of security if the casino is adapted to language. Is this important to you, then see if they offer Norwegian language support, and if you think the website seems easy to understand. Before the Internet made its appearance, the casino gaming most limited to those who took a trip to foreign casinos to try their luck. In Norway began gradually slot machines showing up at certain points late in the 80 - and 90's, but it was still very limited where, when, and what a play.