William Hill
Hen House

In the hen house you will find a wonderful mix of new and used furniture and interiors. We have a rustic country style of our products, and assist with interior design tips and customize products according to your desire. We also produce handmade jewelry, children's clothing, pillows, etc. produced with love and great creativity. We can help tailor birthdays, courses, friend evenings at our offices. And the visual design of confirmation, company, etc.

It isn't finished, although, it has grown a lot, but I never thought it would be finished this year. It is much wider than I really anticipated so each stripe takes a good half hour but it is looking great and feeling super cozy. I think I will park it now and get back to it next Christmas when I am in the festive mood again. I have enjoyed the soothing, easy pattern very much.

It wasn't long before I was reacquainting myself with my Christmas fabric stash. I still hadn't got those pot holders out of my head and whipped up a few as gifts for crafty friends. I also made us a giant bauble pot holder which Mr. Henhouse found came in very handy for resting the wine decanter on!

I also became seized by the desire to make another Christmas quilt. I cut many 2.5" wide strips. It was time for a festive scrappy trip along. I worked on the blocks here and there, adding to my Christmas fabric stash along the way, (there is a new quilting shop in Bradford!) and watching old DVDs of Ally McNeal, so soon, I was nearing completion. I wasn't sure I'd get it finished, so many other things were vying for my time and attention. Maybe one reason I've been short of bogging time, is that it has been a very handmade Christmas here this year.