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We Having dealt in the last section with the differences between a sticky and non-sticky bonus. Now, you certainly want to know how to make best use of the bonuses and it can also use effectively the same time. Let's start again with the sticky bonus, the one does not, if anything, can be pay off. Does it then make any sense to use such a bonus? In a sense, and the forth thing, so it would put my old hairdresser from my place  yes and no.

You can use the ocean oddities bonus amount for higher stakes with high risk, such as the roulette place and thus potentially earn higher profits. If you have a lucky streak, then you can under the circumstances even meet the "unattainable" conditions at the end; creates not there, then you have "only" lost the bonus amount and not be paid money.

Another option would be to leave the sticky bonus as a kind of reserve or game budget on his online casino account. This has the advantage that you can dispel his previously made profits from the account and only play with the remaining bonus amount and possibly can continue to use the profits thus made for his bankroll or play budget.

Here, one should also consider in which games can perhaps use profitably the remaining bonus money even. Since we know that you do not get paid the bonus could use it for high-roller bets in roulette or other games. Alternatively, and that would be my personal suggestion, you should use the bonus amount for games where you can use his player skills, including, inter alias, my favorite game - blackjack .The traditional online casino bonus or non-sticky bonus is referred to by players as the "real" or cash ocean oddities bonus. This is not a "phantom" bonuses, but he also is associated with some conditions. Again, there are of course some obvious reasons why this is so.