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Playing Blackjack Game

This game has a long tradition. Prove traditions that Rummy has to be played for over 200 years. So already said Prof. Gillette at the Gymnasium in Goth: "You all think history is as easy as Schnapps. Alas, history can be learned in an hour, but at Schnapps must be studying for several years.

"The name of the game, therefore, because it was formerly played for brandies. Schnapps also referred to as sixty-six. This name comes from the fact that you can achieve a total of 66 eyes in the blackjack game. An old legend says that the game was invented in 1652 in the tavern at  in Pederson. Hence the third known name for the game, namely Padre Burner. In Leipzig Frauen-Lexicon, which was written in 1715, you will find instructions on how to play Rummy.

The goal of the Cheapens is to collect by announcements and engravings, as soon as possible 66 points. After a match is obtained, the recovered or lost game points. The eyes values differ depending on the card. With eleven eyes the ace is the highest value. The Ten also includes ten eyes. Jack, Queen and King are two, three or four eyes. Did you queen and king of one color, you can use this while playing off the bid and get this eye. If the message relates to the trump suit, you will receive 40 eyes. Subject the statement but any other color will
get you 20 points.

The dealer is called the divisor. He is before a game determined by drawing a card, the one who draws the highest card first hands out. First, the opponents, the so-called forehand receives, and then the dealer three cards. The seventh card is openly visible to all uncovered and determines the trump suit. Then the forehand and then the splitter gets the last two cards. The remaining ten cards that make up the so-called Talon, are laid across the trump card.