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Santastic game, adopted at the seventh casinos were forced to go into hiding for a period of about ten years. By the early 20th century, the ban on gambling has spread to almost all the states, and became a refuge for lovers of gambling island of freedom - Cuba. In 1946, American gangster Bugs Siegel opens in Las Vegas entertainment complex "Flamingo", and since then the town began as a major railway junction in the middle of the desert, we are developing and thriving now as the world capital of gambling.

In Russian history casino begins with the reign of Catherine II - it was in the days of her reign in our country there are the first casinos. It is noteworthy that the tax imposed on such activities were the development of education and the maintenance of educational buildings. After the 1917 revolution gambling for money was declared a criminal offense, and only at the end of the 80s of the 20th century, the casino starts to regain legal status in the disintegrating Soviet Union.

In hotels all over the country there are halls with santastic game, which became very popular among the population, and in 1989 in Tallinn and Moscow in the Soviet Union opened the first casino. After the final collapse of the USSR in 1993, the Russian government passed a law according to which private entrepreneurs are entitled to base their own gambling.

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