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Impressions from the Marvel and bonus from roulette in general were just the best. During all this time the game, we were able to win somewhere around 900 euros, so Roulette Marvel has stood the test could not be better. Of course we should not think that the tape will always produce only win because if someone wins, someone has to play naturally. But in this roulette is safe to say that to win a lot of money - maybe!

Around the roulette wheel you can see the image with superheroes that hint at what is necessary to rely on cell Marvel Bonus. If you bet on the player to bring the number of ordinary multiplication rate is 36 times the bonus, can do far more. If you love to play in various systems and strategies, the roulette Marvel may also be suitable for this. Here a great gaming odds and set the random number generator, which will ensure that the ball fell just in random cells. With this in roulette Marvel can not weak to increase the advantage to his side!

Another lucky one who managed to win at roulette something around 2 million dollars, was a Spanish producer Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo. During a game of roulette, he took advantage of a proven method of Jiggers. Only instead of accomplices invited his relatives, whose task was to watch the falling numbers at different tables. "Prosper" so for some time, they figured out what tables for winning numbers fall more often. Although it was not quite fair play, Playa took his winnings, but after such a feat other casinos banned him and his family to play in their establishments.

In 1873, at the Monte Carlo casino, a British engineer Joseph Jiggers shod casino a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Some argue that he won 325 thousand dollars. Whatever it was the most amount of Jiggers got much less, since he used the six accomplices, who were watching the tables in the casino, recording the winning numbers. While no video cameras and vigilant protection it was still possible. Jiggers carefully analyzed all the figures given to him, and came to the conclusion that only one table has repeating sequence. Coming next to the casino, he played him.